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Construction defects occur in both commercial and residential buildings. New construction is usually assumed to be made with better materials and of a more stable design, but due to reasons such as poor craftsmanship or a failure to follow proper architectural plans, specifications and procedures, new construction can have its flaws. The construction experts at D.A. Doddridge and Associates, Inc. are experts in knowing the many ways construction defects can manifest. We provide construction expert consultation and expert witness testimony based upon our decades of hands-on experience in the construction industry. 

Our experts are fluent in the science of tolerances and specifications published in the industry, such as SMACNA,  NFPA, AWI, as well as governing agencies EPA, OSHA, DOE, and DOT.

Construction Defects - Delays & Disputes

D.A. Doddridge has deep experience in providing expertise in matters of breach of contract, including budget and schedule delay disputes, and construction defects: material and workmanship investigations that assess financial impact.
Our team of engineers and architects have over a century of combined knowledge in a wide diversity of building types, as well as non-building construction matters.

Defect & Delay Investigations

·       Review of contract documents and other background information

·       Hands-on field examination and testing

·       Identification of deficiencies in design, workmanship, materials and/or maintenance, and their contribution to the building problems

·       Change order analysis delays Standard of care

·       Forensic construction cost estimation and analysis

·       Quality of workmanship

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