Building Codes

Building Codes Compliance & Violations

Building codes and zoning ordinances have their complexities and complications according to national, international, and local ordinances. Both commercial and residential building codes need the attention to detail we at D.A. Doddridge and Associates, Inc. offer. Code comes into question for accidents, breach of contract, and can effect sales transactions. Codes are continually updated, which is why D.A. Doddridge is focused on an awareness of the latest developments. 

Attention to Building Codes and compliance is intended to safeguard the community – public and private – from personal harm or injury arising from code non-compliant construction. Code applies to interior, exterior, materials, stairs, steps, and involves permitting and inspection procedures. Code compliance is an essential attribute that benefits the longevity of a project lifecycle.

Code Compliance

D.A. Doddridge offers expertise in the determination of code compliance in Commercial and Residential structures, zoning analysis, easements and right-of-way, land and property use, and resource property documentation. Code disciplines include both international (ICC)national, and state code. In addition, special attention must be paid to local ordinances – which may have different parameters. Our engineers and architects include seasoned veteran former building department officials, who excel in local knowledge and insights.

Code Audits & Investigations

  • Analysis of conditions

  • Compliance and Violations Reports

  • Building department permit analysis

  • Reference library of historical building codes on hand

  • Identification of applicable code

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