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D.A. Doddridge & Associates is a team of veteran construction experts, each an industry professional with expertise in different architectural and engineering disciplines.

Our team approach enhances our ability to negotiate complex claims that require multiple insights and areas of mastery from distinct aspects of design, building, and construction.

For example, a structural defect claim would involve a structural engineer to opine on cause, one of our architectural experts to report on elemental damage, and yet another engineer to perhaps discuss electrical or mechanical engineering conditions.

D.A. Doddridge

David Doddridge


Donald A. Doddridge had an Ivy League education from Queens University. After working his way up in the banking industry and finishing his career as a Wall Street banker, Mr. Doddridge spent decades inspecting residential and commercial buildings, and constructing and remodeling hundreds of homes and commercial buildings with his son David. Donald founded D.A. Doddridge and Associates in 1996 as a consulting company providing expert witness consultation to plaintiff and defense attorneys. Mr. Doddridge found the nature of expert witness work to be absolutely fascinating and given his Ivy League education and business experience, he embraced the requisite skills required to effectively provide expert witness consultation with open arms. Mr. Doddridge passed away in 2017 but only after having taught his verbal, written, technical, legal, problem solving and analytical skills to David over the years. Having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2008, Mr. Doddridge passed the reins of his consulting company to his son David, who runs the company to this day. David’s inherent skills, combined with his extensive hands-on experience, made him an excellent replacement for Mr. Doddridge senior. Today, D.A. Doddridge and Associates, Inc. is a multi-generational and multi-disciplined expert witness and forensic consulting firm serving plaintiff and defense attorneys. We provide technical expertise in; architectural, building, construction, design and engineering forensics.