Associates at D.A. Doddridge & Associates, Inc. are currently licensed, registered architects, engineers, inspectors and contractors and have worked hands-on in their individual areas of expertise. They remain actively engaged in their respective fields and do not rely solely on expert witnessing as their primary source of income.

We provide training to our experts in the art and science of being an expert witness. Our experts have access to a wealth of information and training specifically geared toward providing defensible expert reports, deposition and cross examination skills.

With Mr. Doddridge at the helm, guiding each expert through each case, our clients can rest assured that their case is being handled both by an experienced expert witness and an irrefutable industry expert.

D.A. Doddridge
David Doddridge

Owner / Expert Witness

David Doddridge is a building and construction professional with over 30 years of hands-on experience in the construction and building inspection industries. He has testified in dozens of cases, in several states, and at in Federal courts. His expert reports and testimony have resulted in generous awards to plaintiffs, and fair determinations to defendants.

Joseph Sage, R.A.

Expert Witness

Joseph Sage, R.A. is a New York licensed architect who has been practicing architecture in New York City for more than three decades. In his long career, Joseph is also acts in the capacity of design and engineering expert for building envelope and structural defects.

Louis Errichiello, P.E.

Expert Witness

Louis Errichiello, P.E. is a New York Licensed Professional Engineer with over 30 years of experience in...

John Dymecki, P.E., R.A.

Expert Witness

John Dymecki, P.E., R.A., is unique in that he is both a licensed registered architect and a licensed professional engineer...

Victor Popp, P.E.

Expert Witness

Victor Popp, P.E. is a licensed professional engineer in; New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Colorado...

Derek Graham

Expert Witness

Derek Graham is a seasoned construction professional who ‘came up through the ranks,’ beginning by ‘working the tools’ in his father’s woodworking shop...