Residential v. Commercial Fall Protection-Case Examples

Every construction site can house a variety of fall protection hazards, no matter the size or scope of the project. However, as discussed in parts one and two of this series, there are unique regulations and differences in residential construction compared to commercial construction. But beyond the studies and research papers, there are real world…


NBC Channel 10 Boston Accompanies Mr. Doddridge Around the City in Search of Hazardous Stairways

Hazardous stairways: the dangers of these mundane and ubiquitous elements are too often overlooked by the average pedestrian and citizen, however, this fact has no bearing on the frequency of stairway accidents that are owing to defects that are glaringly obvious, if one only knows where to pay attention.  “When does a stairway become a…


NBC Channel 10 Boston Interviews Mr. Doddridge on Light Weight Building Materials


Residential Construction Faces Unique Safety Hurdles

Aside from the obvious dangers such as falling and working around heavy machinery, there are other non-direct factors to consider when gauging the safety of residential construction. Last week, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) proposed more than $1.5 million in penalties toward a roofing company in Florida, Great White Construction Inc., after OSHA…


Dangerous Stairways Can Lead to Falls and Even Fatalities

According to the National Safety Council statistics, falls are the second leading cause of accidents in the U.S., second only to motor vehicle accidents. While many falls occur as the result of a “slippery” floor, many falls also occur on stairways, both within the home and in commercial locations. While a typical stairway may seem…


Fire Ravages and Destroys Brand New Building in Boston

On June 28, 2017, a fire destroyed a brand new, unoccupied building in Boston, MA. Like many other buildings, the Ashmont building was constructed out of “lightweight” wooden building materials. The cause of the fire remains under investigation and there was a sprinkler system installed in the building, which was slated to be activated the…


New York’s “Scaffolding Law” can be difficult to navigate

New York Labor Law 240, also known as the “Scaffolding Law” states, in part: “All contractors and owners and their agents, except owners of one and two-family dwellings who contract for but do not direct or control the work, in the erection, demolition, repairing, altering, painting, cleaning or pointing of a building or structure shall furnish…


Lightweight Building Materials

Lightweight building materials in the news. Dorchester building fire could have been fueled by wooden construction, read more at the Boston Globe. Also watch this video of Dave Doddridge giving an expert demonstration of how fast lightweight building materials burn.


Mr. Doddridge Conducts Fire Demonstration on PIX11 News

Briefly after Mr. Doddridge’s live interview, PIX11-WPIX TV News asked Mr. Doddridge to conduct an actual demonstration for the purpose of comparing traditional wood framing to manufactured wood framing when subjected to fire.