David Doddridge

Donald A. Doddridge had an Ivy League education from Queens University. After working his way up in the banking industry and finishing his career as a Wall Street banker, Mr. Doddridge spent decades inspecting residential and commercial buildings, and constructing and remodeling hundreds of homes and commercial buildings with his son David. Donald founded D.A. Doddridge and Associates in 1996 as a consulting company providing expert witness consultation to plaintiff and defense attorneys.

Mr. Doddridge found the nature of expert witness work to be absolutely fascinating and given his Ivy League education and business experience, he embraced the requisite skills required to effectively provide expert witness consultation with open arms.

Mr. Doddridge passed away in 2017 but only after having taught his verbal, written, technical, legal, problem solving and analytical skills to David over the years. Having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2008, Mr. Doddridge passed the reins of his consulting company to his son David, who runs the company to this day. David’s inherent skills, combined with his extensive hands-on experience, made him an excellent replacement for Mr. Doddridge senior.

Today, D.A. Doddridge and Associates, Inc. is a multi-generational and multi-disciplined expert witness and forensic consulting firm serving plaintiff and defense attorneys. We provide technical expertise in; architectural, building, construction, design and engineering forensics.

Our experts, shown here, provide investigations, expert witness reports and expert witness testimony at deposition, trial and arbitration for assistance in the resolution of civil litigation matters and insurance claims.

D.A. Doddridge and Associates, Inc. is headquartered out of Worcester, MA  at Technocopia.. This 8,000 square foot member based “maker space” provides a wide array of technology, tools and equipment available to its members for the purpose of designing and fabricating practically anything. Technocopia is just one of the many ways that we stay on the cutting edge of technology to provide our clients with the best service possible. Travel to our Accident Reconstructions page to see these services in action.

Through our education, training and extensive experience, we provide expertise in all areas of the building and construction industry, including:

  • Construction defects and disputes
  • Construction safety
  • Scaffolding accidents
  • Building code violations
  • ADA violations
  • OSHA regulations and industrial codes
  • Construction cost estimating and analysis
  • Stairway, ramp and single step accidents
  • Slip, trip and fall accidents
  • Home and commercial building inspections
  • Water infiltration and building envelope failures
  • Accident reconstruction

Investigations are conducted with analytical skills developed from many years of forensic consultation, litigation support and expert witness testimony.

Practical solutions are provided for resolution of contract disputes, claims, delays, personal injury, site safety issues, OSHA compliance and building code interpretations.

With in-depth experience in architecture, building, construction, design, engineering, building inspections and litigation support, our team of experts offer a unique perspective on problem resolution regarding building and construction.


  • I use D.A. Doddridge and Associates whenever I’m in need of expert analysis respecting the condition of real estate and issues respecting compliance with the State Building Code and other state and federal regulations. Both Donald and his son David are highly respected in the legal community and are a pleasure to deal with.

    William Harrington, Attorney

  • I want to thank you for all of your hard work on “An Act Providing for the Licensing of Home Inspectors,” now Chapter 146 of the Acts of 1999. Your support was instrumental in passing this bill into law. I greatly appreciate all of your contributions to this important effort.

    Cheryl A. Jacques, Senator

  • Thank you for your professional work with respect to my client’s claim for defective workmanship during the construction of her home addition. Your detailed inspection and photographing of the defects and your testimony before the jury was effective and assisted us in obtaining a just verdict for our client.

    Joseph F. deMello, Esq.

  • ….Mr. Doddridge’s reporting and testimony is outstanding.

    Kevin Malloy, Esq.

  • …Both Don & David Doddridge have consistently provided me with exceptional reporting and court testimony.

    Daniel Capodilupo, Esq.

  • David, I am very happy to report to you that as a result of a mediation session held earlier this week, we were able to effectuate a settlement of the case. I also wanted to thank you for your work in this case as I am sure that your opinion letter supported by your considerable experience had an effect on bringing about a resolution which was satisfactory to the client. I will keep you in mind for future reference should I have matters in which your expertise may be of...

    James J. McKenzie, Attorney

  • Dave: The matter settled for a very reasonable amount and the client was very happy. Your report certainly helped Plaintiff be more realistic about her case. Thank you for all of your help and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

    Ann P. Schmidt, Attorney

    Burns-White, LLC

  • Mr. Doddridge, I wanted to let you know that this case settled a few days ago in mediation thanks in large part to your report. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

    John H. Bee, Attorney

    Rudnick, LLP

  • Dear Dave: We settled this case at a mediation today. Your report was helpful in convincing the plaintiff to reduce his demand to a reasonable number. Thanks for your help.

    Paul K. Geer, Attorney

    DiBella, Geer, McAllister and Best

  • I have had the pleasure of working with David and his group on several matters where his expertise was needed. David was diligent and professional and his work product was thorough and valuable. I won’t hesitate to hire him again in the future.

    Kevin O'Connor, Attorney

    Peckar and Abramson, P.C.

  • D.A. Doddridge & Associates served as an OSHA/Ladder expert in a lawsuit involving a plaintiff falling from a ladder who allegedly sustained permanent injuries. Their testimony was critical to our efforts to rebut the plaintiff claims that the allegedly defective ladder caused the underlying accident.

    John Knight, Attorney

    Morrisson Mahoney, LLP